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Cherish your children

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Today, I was  putting together some pictures and writing a paragraph that will be going into my daughters senior yearbook. One of the pictures I got  was her graduation pic from kindergarten, then one of her senior pics…ok, yes..while  I was looking at these this morning, I was getting all teary eyed and thought..WOW! how time flies and yet, I didn’t feel like a parent that should have a child that is ready to graduate,but yet its really happening! When they are young, you can’t wait til you don’t have to buy diapers and formula, then they go off to elementary then next thing you know…its where I am today. All I can say, cherish every moment you have with your children…good or bad…they are your kids.

Our Story…

Monday, January 26th, 2009

How we met….

Jack and I…. what started from friendship grew into something that I thought could only happen to other people….

We met when we were both traveling. I was traveling on business and he was traveling back home. We hit if off right away, and from that simple conversation our friendship grew quickly.

Jack had come to Round Rock for a job interview that he was eventually hired for. Who would have thought that his new job would only be about five miles from where I lived. After he moved to Round Rock, as one of his first friends in town, I was able to show him around town. Over the next few months, our friendship grew and we both knew that our relationship was taking a new direction. Fast forward to one and 1/2 years later. We are still together, very happy and happy to say we are now engaged. (more…)

Welcome to our Web site!

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Hi!  We’re glad you stopped by.  We’re not sure what will end up here, but we know one thing – it’ll be about us ;-D