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Help Fight Cancer

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
Colton Sutton and his Dad

Colton Sutton and his Dad

Both of us have family members that have been diagnosed with Cancer – including both of Sherry’s parents. Our nephew, Colton Sutton will be taking part in the “Relay for Life”, raising money to help fight and beat cancer.  Colton is a tough little guy that knows a thing or two about hospitals – thats part of why he wants to help end cancer.

Colton has been called a walking miracle.  From the day he was born he has had one medical issue after another.  We asked his Dad to remind us of a few so we could list them here – this is what he sent:

  1. Coarctation- crimped artery not allowing proper blood flow to heart when he was roughly 15 days old.
  2. VSD- Ventricular Septic Defect large hole in heart 8mm in size. Surgery consisted of placing a patch over hole to keep blood in chambers to keep heart from over working. Surgery was to last 4 hours but stayed on by-pass machine for 9 hours due to weak heart. Had to be revived 3 different times on table before he finally accepted to live. Had to leave chest open after surgery due to heart being swollen because chest would not close. Chest is now wired shut with titanium steel. This surgery was performed about 20 days old. Spent a total of 6 weeks in hospital. Ambulance ride from Ennis to Childrens in Dallas.  By plane from Children’s in Dallas to Scott & White in Temple. Black Hawk helicopter from Scott & White in Temple to Breckenridge Children’s in Austin. Had to go every 6 months for cardiologist check up then every year & now on once every 2 years.
  3. 4 wheeler accident on May 13 (Friday). Lacerated liver, degloved left arm (removed all skin & muscle off of bone & hanging off hand), broke left arm at elbow,  80% facial fractures, 90% fracture to entire right eye orbit & numerous reconstructive facial surgeries while in hospital.
  4. 4 wheeler accident with grandmother where it flipped over giving him 10 staples to back of skull.
  5. 7 stitches to left eye brow from running into pole from being chased at school.

Ok, thank you for bringing back memories & making me cry damnit…!

So this little guy has been through a lot, yet he wants to help others. Let’s all help him do it. Sponsor Colton Sutton in the relay for life.