Don’t ignore the little things in life

Wow- time just flies by. I just realized it has been a year since anything has happened on this page. What can I say, I have been busy –  but a good busy I must say. I am promising myself to keep this site updated more often, so I might have more random things to say. With me and our family, everyday is different.

My last post was about my mom. I don’t want to write only when I think of her, because everything I write would and could be about her. It’s not hard to have something to say about her. It’s really hard to believe that it’s been 2 years already. Why does it still feel like yesterday?  I will miss her more for everyday that I don’t see her. I see, read or hear things that remind me of her daily. Maybe it’s supposed to be like that.

Just the other day, my oldest daughter called me and says “Mom, what’s that recipe for the cobbler that ma always make?” What’s funny is that I had to call my mom every time I needed the same recipe. I had to look up the recipe and make sure I gave her the right information. I even have to ask Jack sometimes. Maybe I don’t want to remember. It was one of my excuses to always call my mom. I can only imagine how my mom felt every time I called and asked for this recipe, the same joy that I had when my daughter called.  It’s the little things that keep the memory alive. I know my mom loves me just as I loved her.

Just remember, the little things are just as precious as the big things we do in life. Don’t let them slip away.

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