Graduation Time!

May and into June was a busy time for our family. May started out with sadness, but ended great with some achievements worth celebrating. Jack and I both have daughters that graduated this school year.

Jack’s daughter Caitlin, graduated May 31st and my daughter Nicole, graduated on June 6th. Nicole also turned 18 on the 20th. So we were busy trying to get things ready for all the events that was about to happen.

We had a combination birthday/Graduation party for Nicole on May 23rd. We had lots of family and friends over and had a joyous time. She was having a good time with all her friends. We had our deck all decorated and lots of lights for the celebration. It was pretty much lit up like a light house, but very cool. Lots of food and drinks, family and friends were having a good time. It was so great to see some folks that we haven’t seen in a long time. As you may know, we hadn’t been getting any rain for quite some time. Of all the time, it started to rain that evening. Was it Murphy’s Law? Never fails when we have a party that it wants to rain. Maybe I should have more!

The following weekend, Jack and I flew to Iowa to attend Caitlin’s graduation. After we arrived and got settled in, we met up with Jack’s oldest daughter Alyssa for dinner that night. Jack parents, Jim and Ellie, were schedule to arrive later in the evening. Jack was ready to take me to all the little dives in the area. Everything I had and ate at was great.

Sherry and Jack by the riverI have never been to Iowa and I have to say, the parts I was in were beautiful and the countryside was gorgeous. It was reminding me of Tennessee a lot. With all the hills, green grass, farmlands, crops planted. We had some time to explore, so Jack drove us around and showed me some of the towns around the area. Bellevue is one of the towns that we visited that overlooks the Mississippi River, a little quaint picturesque town. The town was so inviting, how could one not want to go back?

During our trip there, we did some more sight seeing around Dubuque. Jack got to see a few friends and catch up with some other folks while we were out and about. I didn’t realize that across the river was Wisconsin. Jack drove across the bridge for me so now I can say I have been in Wisconsin. Yay, for a whole 10 mins! Maybe another time we can venture further into that state more, we didn’t have time on this trip. You could also see Illinois across the river as well. There were some areas where you could get some nice shots of the area and the other states.

Sunday arrived and it was time for Caitlin’s big day. The town, Andrew, was a small town. Reminded me of my hometown, where I graduated from. I think she had a few more students in her graduation class than I had. We had a whopping 17 I think :-D.  But this town was a town like mine, where everyone knew everyone. I kind of miss that environment. Sometimes, I wish that my kids could have that experience too.

Caitlin got her diploma, parents, grandparents, family and friends were happy for this great achievement day. We were all so proud of her. It was her day for celebration. A day that we all waited for was long time coming, then its over to reach for the next milestone in our life.

Everyone gave and got their hugs, the day parted and our trip was nearing to an end.

We had some great times, and a few not so great times. But overall, a wonderful trip to remember.

As we started our journey back home, Jack and I had to go our separate ways when we changed flights in Chicago ( I love this city so you know) . Jack was headed off to Seattle for a business conference for his job. We have not been apart very much at all and I wasn’t liking it. Four days was a long time to be away from the love of my life. I was so glad when he arrived home.

Upon returning to home in Texas, the following weekend, yes, I told you that we were having a busy month! It was Nicole’s turn to walk the isle and receive her diploma. She attended a very large school, not a small school like mine. There were over 600 graduating seniors in her class. Thank goodness her last name didn’t start with a Z. The graduation was held at the Frank Erwin Center located downtown of Austin. With all the students, family and friends, there was no way we could do it at the school or smaller venue.

I was so happy to see her reaching this milestone in her life and was anxious to see what would be next. I was overwhelmed and happy for her. My oldest child was graduating from school and would be moving on. That was a lot to take in all at once. I can honestly say that I now know how my parents felt as I did the same thing. I am so proud of my daughter for this great achievement in her life.

She moved out about a week later to go live with her father in Houston. She was indecisive about which school to attend and what we could afford. She picked to go to Houston Community College and has chosen the Culinary Arts program with a degree in Applied Science with a minor in Business. We were fortunate for the FAFSA program, we received grants that has helped make this possible for her.

We still have one child left at home, Shelby. It’s a good thing because I don’t think I am ready for the empty nest syndrome yet! We have 5 years left for her to reach this great achievement.

Well, this about sums up the events of May & June. There is more to come so stay tuned and check back often. I am on a roll.

Hugs from our family to yours

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