Hug your families.

I was almost involved in a bad accident this morning on my way to work.

A car swerved across lanes from behind and to the left of me, just missing me and multiple other cars. It bounced off the sidewalk a couple times before leaving the road, hitting a cement pole head-on and spinning to a stop in front of a building with a wall of windows.

When I pulled up to check on the driver, it was a man about my age. He was having a seizure and very badly hurt. I Called 911 and just stood there helpless, hoping he would be OK. I tried to tell him help was coming, I have no idea if he heard me or not.

After a few minutes the seizure faded and he slowly started to come around. He was understandably disorientated, he had no idea what had happened or where he was. We could tell he was trying to move around. Another witness and I tried to keep him calm. We were worried he would do more damage to himself.

Considering the injuries we could see, I’m surprised he was as calm as he was. It was hard to look at, even hard to think about. Bones don’t look the same in real life as they do in the movies.

Fire & rescue arrived and began checking him out. They had to cut open the car to get to him.

We gave our statements to police and were told we were no longer needed.

Rescue people were loading him on the stretcher as I drove off.

UPDATE: The police called me for more information as I was writing this, I asked how he was. They said it looked like he probably would live, but would have a long road of recovery ahead.

Hug your families.

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  1. Jenn Says:

    Oh, God Jack, I am SO happy you are okay!!! I’m glad that the driver is going to be okay, but good gracious, I wonder if he’ll realize what he almost did. I never leave the house or hang up the phone without telling my family or my husband and even close friends how much I love them. *hugs* I’m sorry that you got a reminder in such a terrible way.

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