Another milestone is coming up in our family. Shelby, my youngest, will be turning 13 this weekend. OMG I am thinking…I don’t think this has really sunken in yet, that she is growing up and is not just a little kid anymore. (She will always be my baby girl whether she likes it or not) From now until June, we will be experiencing many milestones. All good of course (at least we hope), but as a parent, they will be mixed with happy and sadness. Is there such thing as happy-sadness?  Would that be called Sappiness? Ha!

Shelby will soon be our only child left at home. Nicole, will be turning 18 in May then Graduating in June. After graduation she will be moving to Houston to live with her father and attend college. All of this will be happening within 3 weeks. Can I handle all this and not be overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions? (Jack says not likely) I’m now starting to see what it was like and how my parents felt when I did the same thing.  As a graduate of High School and ready to move on as quickly as possible, I was excited to see where the path leads me, as I am sure she is experiencing the same excitement. I am very happy and proud of her as any parent would be. Just trying to be prepared as much as possible…but can you really be?

Just last night Jack and I were talking about when it’ll be Shelby’s turn to move on, we won’t hear anymore laughing, playing, yelling, fighting, complaining, TV blaring, etc… It might be nice for a while.  Then it will be time for grandkids…well, we hope its not too soon and don’t mind the wait. We will just enjoy the peace and quiet til then.

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  1. Nicole Gongora Says:

    ya, dont be expecting any grankids anytime soon lol

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