We Survived!

Shelby by the moon bounceThe weekend party of the 13 year old…has come and gone. Luckily only half of the invitees came.  Which is good because she invited about 25 kids! So you can imagine what we were thinking… “25 kids, seriously?”  We rented a moon bounce and that was a big hit with all the kids. It was a surprise for Shelby, she had been asking for one for several weeks and finally we found one to rent (I love craigslist!).  It was hard not to say anything all week. She kept asking, “what are we going to do?”  I had to keep making excuses and come up with other ideas for the party. We were happy that the moon bounce folks came early and was able to set it up while she was at Cheer practice. However… on her way home , she could see it from the backside of our  house, Surprise no more. Oh well, at least she was a happy camper when she arrived home.

Toward the end, after pizza, cake and ice cream was consumed. And the gifts opened. We sat back, watched the kids all playing outside.  It took all I had to not to cry. I guess I am  having a bit of reality check. Shelby is now an official teenager and not my baby anymore. Watching our kids grow up, I am happy to see that we have managed to raise happy children.

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